ASTROKAT is a group of companies whose policy in every field it does business is the achievement of projects that are distinguished by their high aesthetics as well as for the result of the construction process .

Today, our company  opens new roads in its business activity while cooperating with the Austrian company JetFloat International GMBH which is the world' leading producer of modular floating elements.

The products of Jetfloat Internatioal have a wide range of applications such as boat jetties for public or private projects,fish farming installations,photovoltaic on the water,temporary bridges,event pontoon platforms etc.

Jetfloat's  products are distinguished by their attractive design,outstanding quality,simple self assembly and their clever and customized solutions.

ASTROKAT-ENERGEIA in cooperation with Jetfloat International, are your partners for all individual cases regarding the design and application of your activities.

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