CUBOX is a perfect symbiosis of mobile kiosk and environmentally friendly solar power station. Whether in the garden, as a  beach kiosk, at an event or as a city pavilion – with its top design and functionality, CUBOX cuts a fine figure as a bar, snack bar, mobile sales stand, info point, DJ stage or pop-up store. CUBOX makes you independent, gets people’s attention and stimulates custom.

The photovoltaic modules on the CUBOX’s roof and side flaps generate solar electricity. High-performance batteries store the energy and offer the highest level of independence and sustainability. CUBOX is extremely simple to transport and can be installed practically anywhere there’s sunshine and space – mobile and autonomous.

ASTROKAT is a group of companies whose policy in every field it operates is the completion of projects that stand out both for their high aesthetic value and the result of the construction process.

Today our company opens new horizons in its business activity by beginning a cooperation with the Austrian company HBT Energietechnik GmbH, in order to represent and promote its innovative creations in the market of Greece , Cyprus, Iraq that are environmentally - friendly and designed to offer energy solutions.

No matter how developed a company might be , it cannot evade the consequences of climate change and for that reason it is mandatory that strong businesses pioneer in environmental protection.

"To pave the way, to be an example with their actions and choices"

They should not turn their back with indifference towards a global problem that is growing everyday and threatens humanity as a whole.

 Environmental degradation creates misery, poverty and is a deterrent to development .

With sustainable development we contribute to progress without harming the environment.

For the afore mentioned our company in cooperation with HBT Energietechnik GmbH created and promote, energy independent and environmentally friendly projects (cubox, charmax, charmax tree Belsafe), with the hope of offering solutions in our everyday lives and helping in the country's development with the use of solar energy.