In carrying out the construction process we follow all the foreseen procedures relating to Project Management. Project Management cost is incorporated in the cost of construction and is not regarded as a separate service.

The management process involves:

◎  Scheduling of the project

◎  Preparation of diagrams

◎  Identification of critical phases

◎  Management of means and personnel

◎  Selection of appropriate equipment

The management process often involves actions, depending on each separate case, such as the securing of planning permission or licensing, securing approval of plans (e.g. environmental impact studies, traffic impact studies, fire safety etc.) from the appropriate official authorities.
At the same time the process involves keeping track of costs and timetables from the initial preparation of the plans up until the completion of the project.
Modern demands for efficient management of the projects have led the company to set up the required infrastructure to ensure project management and construction capacity to handle the most demanding projects.


ASTROKAT has developed a system of project cost control and monitoring, which starts with a cost estimation and ends with the final cost of the project.
The system provides for the codification of the projects and the determination of cost centers, with separate cost for materials and labor. The company uses contemporary software in order to keep track of the ongoing costs involved in each project and takes every necessary corrective and preventive action.