The expertise developed in granting of residence is a result of the experience accumulated by the ASTROKAT O.E. through project implementation in all the above areas of construction. The company has mechanisms for searching land and property. It is able to offer prospective customers the best solutions at the integration of best quality materials in construction, with the most modern application technologies, and with a result that highlights the aesthetic superiority.
To implement REAL ESTATE activities, subject of particular interest are the larger suburban areas of large cities in the country, which show very rapid data growth, as an extension of metropolitan centers.
Consequently, the search for land to expand the built environment based on use “residential zones of control” is a priority objective :

◎  Identification of developable properties

◎  Design

◎  Construction

◎  Sales of residences

◎  Identifications, evaluation and assessment of buildable land with potential for residential property development and development of commercial, cultural and sports centers.

◎  Urban planning and development, determination of zoning requirements, financial cost and profit cost and profit analyses, determination of financial plans and forms management, securing of financial investors.