Pioneers in our field.
Our vision at ASTROKAT is the continuous promotion of pioneering services in the construction market and the development of new business activities.


Providing integrated solutions. The company’s mission is the complete satisfaction of customer requirements. ASTROKAT provides total solutions, keeps, without exception, the time deadlines and cost margins in the implementation of the projects, while maintaining high quality standards set by it.


Turn key project

We design solutions of high aesthetics, construction quality, smooth operational implementation and we guarantee a perfect result. We support the design and construction with complete drawings, technical specifications and project quality programs, with detailed recording of controls and tests.
We provide analytical definition the cost of construction and we make every possible effort not to exceed the cost we have agreed in our contract. We offer solutions, which significantly improve the operational and cost effectiveness of the project.
We stay informed of all the latest technological evolutions. We constantly update and enrich the infrastructure which supports our design and production.
We believe and invest in our people, by creating the best possible relations and conditions in the working environment, while implementing ongoing training for our personnel in all aspects of planning and management of construction projects.


Our basic goals are:

◎ Full satisfaction of client’s requirements and maintenance of professional high quality standards set by us
◎ Constant expansion of projects into new areas constant specialization.
◎ Ongoing training of our personel
◎ Development of our construction activities into the housing field and use of real estate applications.