We emphasise on issues of quality, which is ensured by a set of procedures and controls that we hold so as to achieve a high level of standards.

Facility Management

We can provide a variety of services for the management of your property such as cleaning services, maintenance services, procurements and many more.


This bouquet of services includes all facets of property renovations regardless of its size for retail premises, restaurants, residences and other facilities.

Real Estate

We successfully provide a wide range of integrated services around the property, specialising in home, hotels, offices, residentials and commercial buildings.

Lite-Soil solutions

Sustainable solutions for active  subsurface irrigation for proffesionals, agriculturalists, gardeners as well as the agricultural field, turfs, athletic playing fields, the roadmaking field as well as green roofs.

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The CUBOX is a mobile and individually fashionable energy pavilion that provides itself with electricity from integrated  solar modules.The CUBOX comes in various sizes and either stores the energy that has been generated in high-performance batteries or,if needed, returns it to the power grid.

The CUBOX is designed in such a way that everyone can choose the style that suits him/her best.With a broad variety of sizes,colors and interior fittings,you can personalize your CUBOX even more,anytime you wish.

Simple to set up,connect and use the solar-generated electricity,directly or store it.

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Green Energy Solutions

ASTROKAT ENERGEIA LTD undertakes and implements the design and construction of photovoltaic parks. It has a section organized by experienced executives. It covers the requirements of its customers in terms of quality of materials and meets the requirements of quality construction.


Astrokat takes part dynamically in the “Exikonomisi Kat’ OIkon” programand forms the best choice for...